SELVA Cuatrotreintaydos


Project: Album Design. Client: SELVA.
My contribution: Illustration and Graphic Design.
Medium: Pencil, Ink and Digital.

I was extremely excited when SELVA asked me to create the art for their next album cuatrotreinatydos. I collaborated with them before and I was hoping that an opportunity like this would show up. Lucky me it did.

The concept of the album is based on the positive experience of listening to music recorded at 432Hz. The theory states that the frequency of such music is in tune with our bodies and therefore more pleasant for us humans. The songs touch upon themes of humanity and existentialism. The band provided various cymatic images that they felt inspired by, and this was a great starting point for me.

Fig. 1 Cover art for the Album and Layout. Despite having a heavy sound, the band did not wanted to come across as violent or aggressive.

Fig. 2 Simbiosis Poster.

Fig. 3 Frecuencias Alteradas Poster.

Fig. 4 Mente no mente Poster.

Fig. 5 Sublimación Poster.