Project: Bestiario. Client: Editorial El Fakir.
My contribution: Illustration and Graphic Design.
Collaborators: Luigi Stornaiolo, Eduardo Villacís,
Gabriela Alemán, Alvaro Alemán and Yanna Haddaty Mora.
Medium: Printed Media.

At El Fakir we wanted to celebrate the work of one the great writers from Ecuador: César Dávila Andrade. Bestiario is a compilation of Dávila's 5 short stories which have been illustrated (2) and adapted into comics (3). I had the pleasure of illustrating and designing the three graphic novels and the packaging for the entire project. Bestiary (Bestiario in Spanish) is a compendium of beasts which became popular in the Middle Ages.

These refer to stories that feature various types of beasts which can be mythological. In each of Dávila's short stories there is a strong reference to an animal and the author himself has been often referred to as a "rooster", hence the cover. I decided to use three different styles for each story. Each story is a tale of horror and violence that speaks about the era in which César Dávila Andrade lived in.











Merit Award at iJungle Illustration Awards 2018