Client: SELVA. Production House: Escala Gris.
My Contribution: Director, Animation & VFX.
Photography & Edit: Maria Fernanda Restrepo, Cristina Salazar.

I Directed this videoclip for the theme Atrapados for the Ecuadorian heavy metal band SELVA. I was in charge of Directing this video and creating all the digital material for it under the umbrella of Escala Gris. The song talks about freeing yourself from prejudice and corrosive ideas that blind our mind. I wanted to present this ideological cage as a wasteland from which the main character escapes and “comes to life”. Atrapados Website.

Fig. 1 Atrapados music video. (5 min. video).


Fig. 2 Atrapados Nace.


Fig. 3 Atrapados Yace.