Art Direction & Visual Development


Project: The Vendetta. Written by Guy de Maupassant.
Course: Art Direction & Visual Development at CG Master Academy.
Instructor: Anthony Christov.



The Vendetta is a story about a gentle old lady gone "Breaking Bad"




Saverini's Widow had only her son and his skinny dog.
Then, he was murdered. She wowed to find the killer and revenge her son's death.
She planned and trained the dog for months. At the end she got her revenge, but at the cost of her own humanity.






Saverini's Widow.




Exploration Sheet.


Design Sheet.


The Killer.


Design Sheet.






Saverini's Home Exterior Front.


Saverini's Home Exterior Back.


Home Plans.


Home Interior.


Home Interior.


Home Interior Material Pack.


The Carpentry Exterior.


The Carpentry Exterior Material Pack.


The Carpentry Plans.


Carpentry Interior.


Carpentry Interior.