Art Test

Blade Runner

This is an UI art test for a new fictitious game based on the 1982 film Blade Runner. Your character is a Blade Runner portrayed in first person and your mission is to hunt down and retire replicants.  The test requires to output a Main Menu screen and a HUD screen within a limited time following these specifications:

Main Menu
  • Screen size: 1920x1080px, place all elements within a safe area of 90% of the screen size.
  • Search online for art assets, such as key art images.
  • Create your own menu elements, such as icons.
  • Define the menu color palette, select not more than four colors.
  • Use maximum two different font families and do not have more than three font sizes in the menu.
  • Create an interesting background to accompany the menu but remember the menu carries the main focus.
  • The menu must contain four main menu choices, each with submenu choices:
    • Campaign (Resume Campaign, Load Saved Campaign, Start New Campaign).
    • Multiplayer (Quick Match, Server Browser, Leaderboards).
    • Options (Controls, Gameplay, Audio, Video).
    • Extra (Help, Credits, Unlocked Art).

  • Screen size: 1920x1080px, place all elements within a safe area of 90% of the screen size.
  • Background: In order to properly test out the readability of the HUD, the background has to contain a movie sample, animation or other moving content. The length of the clip must be longer than ten seconds and the clip has to loop.
  • The following HUD elements must be present:
    • Weapon type and ammunition.
    • Health.
    • Minimap: Player, enemy and objective icons.
    • 3D text tags; nametags over other characters and/or text tags over items to pick up or objectives.
    • Information texts; e.g. mission brief/status.




Fig. 1 Moodboard.

I decided to focus on some of the iconic elements from the movie such as the film-noir lighting and colour palette; the LCD retro-future UI design; the origami unicorn; and the industrial design. Although I feel that there some interesting ideas presented here I do feel that I could continue working on this material. At this stage, and in a work environment, I would take this proposal and present it to my work colleagues in order to discus further and brainstorm. I dedicated a total of 20 hours through three days of work.

Day 1: 4 hours for research.
Day 2: 8 hours for development.
Day 3: 8 hours for development and presentation.


Fig. 2 Video Mock.


Fig. 3 For the Main Menu I decided to maintain elements related to the user account at the top right corner. I think that the origami figure is a simple yet significant conceptual element that can tight together the top level UI.


Fig. 4 I would propose modular buttons for the sub-menu level which can be used with an icon or an image.


Fig. 5 Main Menu wireframe.


Fig. 6 For the HUD I decided to keep it as clean as possible without loosing the sci-fi flavour of it. I think that the enhance effect from the movie could be used here as a scanning element. Being a retro-futuristic movie I feel that there is a certain nostalgia towards the lowtech-CRT aspect of it.


Fig. 7 HUD wireframe.


Fig. 8 Complementary to the mood-board I created an updated version of the Blade Runner logo to help me shape the visuals. The iconography for the top level menus should follow this design language.


Fig. 9 Fonts and colours.